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Aero QLaunch

3D Dynamic Quick Launch Toolbar for Windows 7/8 Aero Theme. (Freeware)

It needs the latest version of Microsoft DirectX which contains d3dx11_43.dll.
Graphic card should support DirectX 10 up, CPU needs SSE2. Also woks in Windows 8.

1.2 Snapshots

CiX Engine, just another project of CK16 to study DirectX 11 API.

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Latest Version 1.2.22
Download 64 bit Setup (Windows 7/8 x64)  
Download 32 bit Setup (Windows 7/8 x86)
Old stable version 1.1.9
Download 64 bit Setup (Windows 7 x64)
Download 32 bit Setup (Windows 7 x86)
History release : 64bit, 32bit v1.0.9.2
Non-setup pack only 238KB, x64, for advanced user v1.0.7


CNET Editor's Pick
All-FreeSoft (Japanese紹介)
FreewareGenius Review


To Enable/Disable:
Right click Taskbar, select [Toolbars]-[QLaunch].  Snapshot. Then CLICK or HOVER (2 styles of 7) on the 'Q' icon.

To Add Item: Right click any button to open [Quick Launch Folder] of current user. Create a shotcut there, then [Refresh].

Create a sub-folder in the [Quick Launch Folder].


- Icons sorted by filename;
- Hover on "Startup" button also summons AQL now;
- Folder icons can be changed in folder's [Properties]-[Customize];
- Windows 8 startup menu folder can be copied to [quick launch] folder;
- Too many icons in a line? Just drag and throw it.
Future Plan

Testing more effects in beta. More parameters to be controled. Continue to play with DX11(.1).

Latest Snapshots

Snapshots of latest beta / alpha versions.


More Details

[Quick Launch Folder]
A user default system folder locates at "C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"
OR "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"

Google Group of Aero QLaunch

Alternate Skin for v1.1 (1.2 Amber Style)

CiX Engine: DirectX 11 game engine for Win32 and WinRT (Windows 8 Metro),
based on open source engine currently closed source code.